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ADS has a range of quality 2mm mild steel powder coated ducting components specifically made to handle abrasive products. ADS carry both traditional beaded and fixed flange products.

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If you are using galvanised steel ducting then you will know that these ducts do not rust or erode excessively in time. With mild steel powder coated ducting in Melbourne you would not have to hide your ductwork. Installations sometimes can be used to make a statement. For several years, the elements surrounding that ductwork have been factory coated or painted to blend in with the surrounding. The galvanized duct does not lack the same sheen of lighting cans, grills and diffusers. This is because Advanced Duct Systems has a standard option for powder coating your exposed duct system and the duct work becomes the focal point to make an architectural statement.

The installation and handling of the system is done easily with Advanced Duct Systems and every part and piece is optimised for installation backed by industry leading experts on saving field labour. We also ensure that the screws match and that the accessories are made clean. Some of the key benefits include polyester finish, ready to hang duct, single or dual wall construction, matched accessories and multiple surface finishes. Our products are environmentally friendly, zero VOCs, UV resistant coating, durable and mar resistant surfaces, excellent corrosion resistance and excellent humidity resistance.

Galvanized Steel Duct System

Ductwork is usually constructed from Galvanized steel sheet and is known as Galvanized sheet metal. This is commonly used in fabricated ductwork that prevents rusting and avoid the cost of painting. These sheets are also facilitated with sound proofing and high degree insulation. We offer high-quality galvanized steel duct systems that are par excellence corrosion resistance, reliable and flexible. The benefits of the use of galvanized ducts are:

  • Cost Reduction:The ducting system which is made of galvanized steel does not have a very high cost. This means that the cost of the galvanized steel sheets are not affected by the ups and downs in the market.
  • Durability: Galvanized steel has a long life span that is more than that of most alloys. Some galvanized duct systems have a long span of time which results in minimal maintenance.
  • Strong: This galvanized steel ducts have quality sturdiness and strength. This galvanized steel duct system has the least damages during transport or installation or assembly.
  • Low Maintenance Cost: The galvanized steel ducts require low maintenance because of their strength and rigid structure of the ducts. These ducts really last and are as good as new for much longer periods of time.
  • Full Time Protection: The galvanized coatings provide sacrificial and cathode protection. This is why all the damaged areas of the ducts are automatically protected. These ducts are also really easy to inspect from time to time.

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