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About Advance Duct Systems

Duct and Ducting Supplies for Flexible, Steel and Galvanised Ductwork

Advanced Duct Systems started in the Dust and Fume Extraction sector 10 years ago as a small family business and has grown into a major stockist and supplier of quality modular and flexible ducting for dust and fume extraction systems. With the backing of our Partners JKF Industries and Masterflex, both of which are global market leaders, ADS has been able to supply the same quality products that have been around the Australian market for many a year. That is what sets ADS apart from our competitors, products you can rely on, are readily available and affordable.

Now in our 10th year we have branched out and incorporated Filters (dust collectors) including Extraction Fans into our product range. This will allow us to sell complete ducting systems where previously we only sold ducting components. This added product line will truly make ADS a one stop shop for complete dust and fume extraction systems.

ADS also have a group of Contractors/ Installers we highly recommend to design and install your dust and fume extraction system. So, no matter where you are in Australia, we can offer quality products and expertise to help you while you grow your business.

Our Industrial & Commercial Products includes:

  • Standard galvanised ducting (Std Galv)
  • 2mm mild steel powder coated duct
  • Pneumatic conveying duct (kongskilde duct)
  • Stainless steel duct
  • Flexible hoses and ducting for all manner of specialist applications
  • Filters (dust collectors) including Fans


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