Dust Collector and Fume Extraction Systems

Advanced Duct Systems supplies all of the parts necessary to custom build fume extraction and dust collection systems, for any industrial dust extractor or fume extractor application you require, for instance, building a custom welding fume extractor system.

Our industrial duct components are made by the world’s leading manufacturers and will stand up to the rigors of continuous operation in the most demanding industrial settings. Our ductwork components are used in dust and fume control solutions in many industries including:
• Timber
• Food Processing
• Paper & Printing
• Plastics 
• Mining
• Chemicals
• Welding
• Pharmaceuticals and
• Foundries
Applications include Fume extraction, dust extractor, dust collector, dust collectors, fume extractor, dust collection systems, welding fume extractor, Industrial ducting, Industrial duct, and Industrial ductwork.

We have an extensive range of installers Australia wide who can assist you with the design of your dust and fume extraction system. We can also assist with cost estimates, project management and the like. Don’t hesitate to call us if you have any questions or need expert advice, you’ll find our 1300 number top right on our website.

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