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ADS has a large range of flexible ducting to suit almost all applications. Ranging from polyurethane through to high temperature flex, ADS has the right product for your needs.

Advanced Ducting Systems has two types of flexible duct systems which include expandable aluminium semi rigid duct and aluminium foil flexible duct. Both are versatile and can be used for multiple ventilation and flueing applications. Also, both are non-insulated duct and used for our flexible ducting supplies. As flexible duct suppliers in Melbourne, the choice of which type of duct usually comes down to specification and personal preference. Both types of duct are 4-zero fire rated to Australian Standard AS1530.3 and comply with AS1668.1 if installed correctly. Read more on: Flexible Hose & Duct Systems


Aluminium Semi Rigid Duct

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The Aluminium Semi Rigid Duct has superior performance due to its unique construction. We have used innovative designs with low profile ribbing ensures for less restrictive air flow and this is more efficient than other brands of semi rigid duct.

There are seven diameter sizes for expandable aluminium semi rigid such as 60mm, 75mm, 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm and 250mm. These are all in three metre lengths. This is constructed from 0.1mm aluminium sheeting. The main benefit of this type of duct over foil duct is that it holds its shape so it allows unimpeded air flow and is more effective. This is the duct that is included in rangehood flue kits. This flue duct is temperature rated from 20C to 150C. Duct is shrink wrapped for protection prior to the installation.

Flexible Ducting Supplies

When it comes to the other flexible ducting supplies, flexible aluminium foil duct has 2 different diameters which include 125mm and 150mm which are both 3 metre in length. The duct is contructed from two sheets of aluminium foil, adhered to each other by quality Australian-made adhesive. Duct is 4-zero fire rated and is also temperature rated up to 130C. The main advantage of foil duct is that it is quick and easy to use. Usually when the space is tight, it may be the only option. The best part of this kind of ducting is that it is easy to install and maintain. It can go through high temperature and be used to transfer unwanted material from one place to another.

You might be looking for more length for ducts and its best that we connect to help you get what you need. In order to connect them together, you can use duct connectors or steel worm clamps and or duct tape on the joints. This makes it simple and easy to install and ensure that you can get the best for your office, manufacturing plant and factory.

You can choose to ask for a quote or call us at 1300 382848 for more details about our products and services. Get your 4-zero fire rated aluminium semi rigid duct and flexible foil duct from Advanced Duct Systems today. These products and services that are made available from Advanced Ducting Systems are created by engineered designs and only under strict measures prescribed by AS1530.3 and AS1668.

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