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For most businesses, a flexible exhaust fume duct is important along with the increased demand for meeting with the OH&S standards to provide safe working environments for all employees. We at Advanced Ducting Systems provide several supplies and support the comprehensive range of fume and exhaust extraction and filtration products that are designed to address these requirements.

These products are designed to safely remove harmful fumes and particles from the workplace by either filtering or recycling clean air back into the environment or expelling it completely.

Our range of products offers a suite of exhaust extraction, pvc flexible ducts and takes away exhaust extraction, welding fumes, electristatic oil mist, sanding and grinding dust, plasma cutting fumes and trimming and grinding particles as the smoke filters and the neutralisation of odours is done.

These products are available in a range of configurations that include portable, mobile and stationary welding and extraction units, welding benches, hose reels, sliding track systems, exhausters and simple extraction systems.

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flexible exhaust fume duct

Flexible Exhaust Duct in Melbourne

When it comes to flexible exhaust duct in Melbourne look no further than Advanced Ducting Systems. Our systems are top notch and are easy to install and maintain anywhere in the factory. We have a comprehensive range of accessories and options available to provide a safer working environment across different industries.

Our engineered fume extraction systems are essential for manufacturing plants and factories to ensure that you have a safe and hygienic environment for employees. We at Advanced Ducting Systems have an extensive engineering background that offers the best designed fume extraction system in Melbourne and all of Australia which allows businesses to handle fumes in the best possible manner necessary.

For repair shops to large pharmaceutical factories, Advanced Ducting Systems caters to several needs with our custom designs and tailored installations. Whether its the range of fume extraction systems including exhaust reels, the Filterbox dust and fume extraction system. These fume extraction technologies are used as part of the one system or used independently based on plant’s needs. 

As one of the nation’s leading providers of fume extraction systems, manufacturers, plants and factories can totally rely on Advanced Ducting Systems for our expertise and help.

Our ducting type is made with the best of materials, our superior design and installation is known all over Australia. We work towards removing hazardous fumes from their premises, create a safe working environment for staff and enjoy significant energy savings that is in the form of modular solutions that can be adapted to suit your changing needs as your business keeps growing. We are sure that you will trust us with our work and build a strong bond with you as we enjoy nurturing long term relationships with our clients.

Feel free to call our friendly team at 1300 382848 for more details on the leading fume extraction systems and how to create a safe factory environment. Get in touch with us to know about how to install and maintain your exhaust ducts and we will also help answer all your queries.

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