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high temperature flexible ducting

When it comes to high temperature application, you should have the essential and proper equipment to handle the heat being applied to your equipment. Without high temperature flexible ducting, extreme heat causes permanent damage to your flex ducts, ventilation systems and can derail your project completely. At Advanced Ducting Systems, we have a large selection of high temperature hose that can be designed for long term use and durability. This is when it is exposed to elevated temperatures. The most important distinction that must be made is the determination of the maximum temperature to which the hose is exposed. This includes whatever is being moved through the flex duct, as well as the temperature in and around the machinery in which the flex hose is attached.

We offer high temperature flexible ducting that is made of various materials like stainless steel, polyester, aluminum, fiberglass and silicone. This wide range of materials provide a wide maximum temperature range from 140 degrees Fahrenheit to 1650 degrees Fahrenheit. Such a wide range of temperature are available which involves chimneys, steam work and other extremely high temperature applications. Not only are the high temperature hoses resistant to high volumes of heat, you should know that many of the products are flame retardant too.

The inventory that we have of high temperature ducting includes products that are constructed from officially classified flame retardant materials. This means that the high temp hose is a great choice for applications where the high temperature hose is placed in near flammable materials and is a suitable choice for jobs with strict fire safety regulations. The potential damage that can result from unchecked fires cannot be overstated. Even a minor flare-up can have severe consequences for not just your flex duct systems but the entire infrastructure of the specific area. When it comes to fire prevention there is nothing more important than proper preventive measures. The main measure that you can use is using high temperature flexible ducting which give them a wide range of flexibility.

In case your application needs hose flexibility and ease of transportation then you should use flex hose. We have the right products that are highly compressible for easy transport and storage as well as products that can be continuously flexed without sacrificing any airflow whatsoever. You should know that for heavy-duty application, we offer extremely durable flex duct products that feature self-support qualities, crush resistance, the ability to withstand external abrasions and more. We have both flexible and stiffer kinds of high temperature ducting are used in tandem. For example, modern engines are one of the most common examples of systems that rely on a mixture of high temperature hose to achieve proper ventilation and gas expulsion. At times, the interior compartments  where the temperature is lower will make use of the flexible, compressible flex hose to minimize the amount of space that is taken up while maximizing the ventilation quality.

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high temperature flexible ducting
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