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ADS’s range of Stainless Steel Ducting Components are made from quality 304S/S. Sizes up to 400mm are available. ADS also manufactures 316S/S and heavier gauge duct for more abrasive applications.

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Stainless steel ducting products are used in the environments where galvanised and mild steel ducting would distort and corrode. This is usually when certain corrosive substances are passing through the ducting and usually at extreme temperatures. Stainless steel ducting in Melbourne in 304 and 316 grade allows for durability and superior strength. This allows it to have a longevity of wear which makes it a cost-effective solution when considering the life cycle spend.

It can be difficult to find the right stainless steel ducting products, but you should know that Advanced Duct Systems provides the best products for you. This is important for you as our stainless steel ducting provides you with the right solutions that make it easy to install, reuse and clean in terms of home and business maintenance.

Commercial applications for stainless steel ducting are useful for businesses and large manufacturing companies that need proper installation for large applications and industrialized construction. Using stainless ductwork for applications is just as strong as galvanized and aluminum and it resists corrosives. Stainless steel is perfect for application like food processing plants since the corrosive elements are resisted making it a better choice than materials like galvanized steel.

Stainless Steel Ducting Supplies

These stainless steel ducting supplies have clamp systems that made of galvanized or stainless steel materials that are made to resist harsh elements. Their system provides installation experts and design professionals with a better and more efficient way to install ductwork in a variety of industrial sites in need of durability. Advanced Duct Systems provides the best in installation expert with great way to schedule their time by offering a quick installation process which is far superior to other stainless steel duct products. This clamping system eliminates the time that is required to caulk during installation which makes it invaluably efficient for commercial clients. The seamless stainless steel ductwork also eliminates the areas of the network where bugs can grow in. These clamping systems also ensure that the snagging areas that destroy the leak-free system.

These products ensure that the ductwork installed in the large warehouses or office is almost leak-free and air tight. The Advanced Duct Systems products are leak tight welded systems that provide a higher standard than other products. Additionally, it’s adaptable to other existing ductwork products, so you can offer customers a way to improve on currently installed ductwork without it costing a large sum to reinstall the entire system.

Our specialists at Advanced Duct Systems have a full line of products that are designed specifically for improvement. We offer a design and layout of your next ductwork installation project. The quote that you receive will be of an affordable price based on CAD drawings for each drop. Additionally, along with each drawing, ADS will provide you with a customised stainless steel ductwork requirement list with the respective prices to make it easy to implement your next job into the specifics of projects. Pick up the phone and reach out to us at 1300 382848 for any information or queries you have on stainless steel ducting in Melbourne.

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