Premium Flexible Duct Suppliers in Thomastown

Flexible ducts are the more flexible options and this is why you should opt to buy your ducting supplies in Thomastown from Advanced Duct Systems. These offer you a more convenient way of using using ducts that are flexible and fits easily.

This allows you to make ducting for turns and other angles that are otherwise difficult to fit and this way its easier to install. Similarly, the demand for flexible ducting has grown as there is a change in the way that it is used for residential and commercial areas.

As the leading flexible ducting suppliers in Melbourne, we are the go-to people. Also, we produce high quality flexible duct hoses for the best results and quality. Our focus is on flexible ducting that is durable and easy to install. Our flexible ducting is perfect for any industry and we help provide the best solutions for your needs.

Let us at Advanced Duct Systems be your next best choice. We have the experience in manufacturing flexible host ducting and the best reputation for the best products and great customer service in the market.

This ducting is easy to install, has a good amount of flow and is durable. Additionally, you can trust us to give you only the best.


Our flexible ducting is now fast becoming the standard across Australia and we are the best in the business and supply to all leading industries. Our flexible duct hoses are the best in terms of choice of businesses in Australia. You should know that we are always there to give you the best in parts and products that will help you.

Our flexible ducting is used for the purpose of air ventilation as well. Since its in high demand it is used in different parts of Australia extensively.

This is used for event hire industries to provide conditioned air at the events, Also, it is a lightweight, durable and tough system that can be used temporarily or permanently.

Stainless Steel Ducting in Thomastown

The stainless steel ducting products that we develop are used in water treatment projects and fume extraction systems. With our systems, you are sure that you can breathe easy as the air is conditioned and treated in the factory.

The extractions systems are known to take out hydrogen sulfide fumes from the inlet works under negative pressure with the help of stainless fans and large filters.

These treated fumes are then pumped with positive pressure into the soil beds. You should know that these stainless steel ducts are designed, installed and fabricated to meet your needs and ensure that you are working in the best possible environment.

Get only the best of product information and details when you connect with us. Also, we will be able to help you with modifications to dust and fume collection systems. We build all our products with Australian steel and we sell a huge range of steel ducting and ducting clamps in mild steel, galvanised and stainless steel.

Just pick up the phone and call us at 1300 382 848 and we will be happy to give you all the details and information you need about flexible ducting systems in Thomastown.

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