Why Quality Matters

Quality Matters Because Performance Matters!

Who in their right mind would knowingly buy an inferior duct system when a beautifully engineered, world class product could be supplied at the same, or a closely comparable price? Especially when lower quality duct systems usually…

  1. Fail to operate to specification (for example aren’t airtight),
  2. Break down more often (causing productivity issues) and
  3. Wear out faster, leading to unnecessary interruptions to productivity, with all the associated consequences including…
  • higher running costs (e.g. in HVAC systems),
  • more frequent maintenance requirements, or even worse,
  • unsafe work practices (e.g. ineffective particle & toxic gas removal or contamination in production processes).

Given the high cost of energy and wages and the high running costs involved in the day-to-day operation of HVAC systems, plus other critical production processes that rely heavily on the movement of materials through ducting systems, for example particle and gas removal, food processing etc… why would anyone compromise their ongoing operational efficiency by using low quality ducting components? It’s false economy and when you do the sums it just doesn’t add up.

That’s why you should talk to Advanced Duct Systems, our name says it all.

We stock the worlds leading duct brands and sell them at highly competitive prices, so our clients can enjoy reliability, safety, efficiency and ongoing value from mission critical systems that perform reliably, to specification, day-in-day-out for decades.

Even if you are renting a premises you’ll do better installing our products because they are modular and portable. Clever design means our duct is airtight and easy to assemble. And because it’s long lasting, if at some time in the future you move premises, you can quickly disassemble our ductwork and re-assemble it at your new premises. No need to junk cheap ducting that won’t easily disassemble, transport and reassemble, let alone perform reliably to specification day-in-day-out over the long haul.

Quality and value means efficiency, satisfaction and compliance in critical production and OH&S processes, and that’s why you should always consider using Advanced Duct Systems for all your ducting needs.

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